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A Brief Word About BMW Diesel Engines

The term Diesel engine refers to any internal combustion engine that uses the heat of compression in order to initiate cylinder ignition to burn a fuel which has been injected into the combustion chamber. This differs from spark ignition engines such as petrol engines which rely on a spark plug to ignite an air fuel mixture. engines have the highest thermal efficiency of any other external or internal combustion engines due to the very high compression ratios needed to ignite the fuel. All diesel engines are modelled on the thermodynamic diesel cycle which was developed by Rudolph Diesel in 1897.

How a engine works is a complicated process to describe. Initially air only is allowed into the combustion chamber, this air is then compressed to a ratio of approximately 15:1 to 22:1 resulting in the air temperature in the cylinder increasing to about 550c or 1022f. At the top of the compression stroke fuel is injected into the compressed air in the combustion chamber. The heat from the compression vaporises the fuel causing combustion. The quick expansion of the combustion gasses drives the piston downward supplying power to the crankshaft which then drives a different cylinders piston upwards to complete the process over and over and continuously run the engine. BMW first started using the engines in their vehicles in 1983 with the introduction of the 2.4 litre M21 straight six cylinder. this first version was never available in the UK and was mainly marketed in North America in the Lincoln Continental. 1994 saw the introduction of a new engine offered by BMW, this engine was the M41 1.7 litre straight 4 engine. This engine was available in the 1994-2000 E36 318tds BMW. 1998 saw the addition on three different engines from BMW, the 2.0 litre M47 which was a straight 4, then there was the M57 which ranged from 2.5 litre to 3.0 litres and was a straight six, and finally there was the M67 which was 3.9 litre v8 configuration. The M67 won two international engine of the year awards.

2006 saw the introduction of the N47 which was which was a 2.0 litre straight 4. This latest version is known as a common rail engine and had vast improvements in emissions and fuel efficiency. In 2008 BMW introduced the N57 engine, this was a 2.5 litre to 3.0 litre straight six engine. These engines were turbocharged common rail engines. Of the engines listed there are still some in production today such as the N57, the M57, and the N47. BMW have tailored their line of diesel engines to be as environmentally friendly or even more so than some other manufacturers petrol offerings. The X1 is BMW’s crossover compact SUV, it forms BMW’s current line up of SUVs which consists of the X3, X5 and X6. The X1 is based on the same platform as the BMW 3 series Touring (estate). The X1 was unveiled in 2008 at the Paris Motor Show, it was available in 2009. The 18d and 20d come as standard with a six speed manual gearbox, the 20d has the option of the six speed auto box and the 23d comes as standard with the six speed auto box. As it is a sports utility vehicle the X1 does have a firm suspension set up, which might not be to all tastes but it means the handling on the X1 is equal to that of a hot hatch. The four wheel drive versions offer amazing grip, all models have a very communicative steering providing a good feel for the road and steering. Like its platform sharing 3 series the X1 does a brilliant job of keeping out road and wind noise, the 20d’s engine can be a bit noisy unlike its equivalent in the 3 series. Like all BMWs the interior feels very well put together with high end plastics and other materials.

Something You Need to Know About BMW Angel Eyes

The BMW, being the upscale European car that it is, would require accessories that would be at par with its innate classiness — and the BMW E92 Angel Eyes certainly measure up. The good news is that while this particular brand of Angel Eyes is by no means cheap, it is also not completely expensive. It isn’t expensive because the widespread use of Angel eyes and headlight-related accessories gave rise to a large number of aftermarket accessory manufacturers offering a myriad of choices, as opposed to the limited options that car manufacturers provide. The 7000K Xenon high-power E92 Angel Eyes sport a brand new 60-degree wide angle design. This is a relatively new product and the wider angle of the H8 ring marker bulbs is a significant improvement from the standard 30-degree angle bulbs that are available in the market. This angle allowed the bulbs to get closer to the opening, enabling luminescence at optimum levels. An added bonus is that the use of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) technology is also considered more environmentally friendly. For further details about car covers click on 2010 camaro car cover.

This lighting accessory does not have that yellowish look that is usually seen on other low-end ring markers. This makes the E92, with its Xenon-white HID (High Intensity Discharge) light, a perfect match to the other lighting accessories on the newer BMW 3 series cars, particularly the E92 and the 2011 BMW 5 series. Another good thing is that, it is also compatible with older BMW cars, such as the E90 Sedan 2009 + series, the E90 M3 2009+ series, the E92 M3 2008+ series and the E93 Convertible 2008+ series. It is also compatible with the BMW 1 series, particularly the E82 Coupe 2008+, the E87 Hatchback 2008+, the X5 2007+, X6 2008 and the newer models of the X series and the Z4 2009 as well as the newer models of the Z series. One of the things that can really cinch the deal for this car accessory is its easy installation. In addition to the Xenon-white Angel Eyes, there is a specially designed error-free decoder which comes with the package. This ensures that you aren’t likely to encounter the problem that some BMW aftermarket accessory buyers have had, such as blinking lights and loads of dashboard errors. So far, there have been no reports of dashboard errors or fault codes appearing for this particular product. You get effortless installation through a completely plug and play feature. However, you have to remember that for the BMW Angel Eyes to fit, your car should have been factory-equipped with HID headlights as well.

Now, while it is true that a lot of people rave about how nice it looks and its effortless installation, it still has its drawbacks. There are some who have said that it is a little cramped for the E90 2009 headlight housing. Another thing is that, while a lot of people are talking up how the contrast is really good during night time, it is rarely visible at daytime, which can be attributed to the fact that the color of the light is very close to natural night. Still, if you want something that would give your BMW an instant upgrade in style, the E92 angel eyes will not disappoint. There is no doubt that BMW is best known for producing incredibly fast cars, bikes and a hose of other vehicles. In February, 2012 they came up with ‘i’ concept which is the next walk for the growth of BMW autos. Through this ‘i’ concept, they wanted to introduce their new, revolutionary breed of cars. They had obviously planned to add advanced features by spearheading innovative design for ‘i’ concept. That said, the striking thing about this model is that they wanted these cars to be stylized, classy, fuel-efficient and eco-friendly- all at the same time. It would not be far fetched to suggest that cars belonging to ‘i’ concept would redefine the impression of mobility. It also goes without saying that the company would not do anything compromise with its trademark stylish designs, which have played a key role in catapulting its brand. The initial testing processes have already been carried out to confirm that they will release their models soon. BMW is expected to release BMW i8 net year.


Unlike the i3, i8 is specially designed for sports car fanatics who crave for innovations. The i8 car has modified electric drive organism with its engine that characterizes 220 HP and 300 NM torque. Its powerful engine offers unbelievable performance of a sports car, in spite of the fact that its fuel consumption is comparable to a smaller vehicle. Due to fast acceleration, this car can reach up to 62mph in just 5 seconds! It only uses 3 liters fuel for every 100 kilometers, a feature that is said to be its main feature.

The battery used in this car is lithium-ion and charged using a power supply plug. Another great feature about the car is that is that it can travel nearly 20 miles without fuel. It has a robust motor on the front section and the incineration engine towards the rear section. All these parts are arranged in a manner that imparts low center gravity, thereby triggering enhanced stability. The i8 doesn’t only have a dynamic exterior, but also adequate leg/head space for four people. BMW claims that their new sports auto offers an exceptional, sustainable driving experience. The elusive combination of technology and art has allowed the i8 car to be endowed with excellent performance as well as great appearance. While i3 has the problem of horizontal flat configuration, the emergence of i8 concept has overcome this impediment as well. The i8 is likely to become a favorite of adventure seeking road racers within no time. For many years, radios have been an option in an automobile purchase. It used to be that having a radio in your car was an optional luxury. Since the 1980s, radio and tape players, and eventually, CDs, have become standard equipment in nearly any car purchase. Sometimes it becomes evident that you want to upgrade your system to one that has clearer and more definitive sound that a quality audio/electronic system can provide. When considering an electronic/audio upgrade for your Beemer, take the time to do your homework and decide just what you want and how to have it installed.

According to former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, they have outpaced the industry around the innovative curve. Now iPod enthusiasts can use this device to enable connection with music in their Beemers. “The BMW, iPod adapter provides the driver with virtually endless miles of music without their hands ever leaving the steering wheel,” Chairman and CEO of BMW, Tom Purvis, said in a recent interview about BMW technology. BMW’s 5 series features the M Sound System with Enhanced Bass. With two-way coaxial midrange front speakers, the M Sound System incorporates the standard M5 Digital Sound Processing system. This will provide you with lush and rich sounds that will propel you to front-center stage for great concert listening. This sound experience has seven features that insure the quality you have come to expect from BMW. Dual 10-inch free-air subwoofers Front door mounted mid-range coaxial speakers Anti-Theft AM/FM stereo/cassette/CD audio system Radio Data System CD changer for six discs 4 channel FM diversity antenna All in all, the thought of upgrading your BMW’s audio/electronic system can add other adaptations that will place you and your Beemer in stereo nirvana. There is nothing more pleasurable than having an electronic system that will provide you and your riders with distinct, mellow, and rousing musical sounds. Why not take a moment and consider upgrading your BMW audio/electronics system that will provide years of welcoming sounds and entertainment?